MiXX Kickboxing


MiXX Kickboxing at Colonial Fit RVA in Richmond, Virginia

MiXX Kickboxing classes at Colonial Fit RVA are designed for performance. Get ready to burn fat, reduce stress and tone up by punching and kicking real heavy bags and sparing with a partner! Join Brie as she works your explosive strength starting with a 45 minute cardio/kickbox warmup and finishing with bands, bars, cables, balls and anything else she can think of. This class will step you outside of the box for sure!

MiXX Kickboxing classes combine full-body aerobic exercises with boxing and martial arts moves. The focus of MiXX Kickboxing is twofold: movement and fun. With emphasis placed on technique, the boxing and martial arts moves are kept simple. 

Learn to: jab, crosse, uppercut, hook, front kick and more! These classes offer a tenacious whole-body workout, stimulate the mind, and build confidence.

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