Brie Snedden, NASM C.P.T, Personal Trainer


Brie Snedden - Owner, Colonial Fit RVA

Owner of Colonial Fit RVA, Brie is an NASM certified personal trainer with over 11 years of experience. Brie fell in love with fitness at the age of 20 when she started running. Six full marathons, and a lot of 10ks later, she found a need and desire to pick up some weights to gain some muscle and strengthen her runs. This pivotal moment changed her life and she found a true calling and passion for fitness. She then received her certification for personal training. Three years later she graduated from VCU with a degree in exercise science. She spent 6 years as head trainer at a local corporate gym. There, she discovered the need to open a facility that customized the training programs to the need of client, with no contracts, or sign on fees. A place where training could be made affordable, and clients where a face and a name, and not just a number. Colonial Fit RVA was the realization of her training philosophy that fitness should be affordable, and personalized to the individual.

Brie specializes in overall fitness, with an emphasis on fat loss and muscle gain. After training through her own pregnancy and first child, she particularly enjoys working with expectant and post-natal mommies, but she works with all ages and fitness levels. She has continued aspirations to compete in physique competition, thus still pushing her own limits, leading by example and helping her clients succeed in living overall healthier lifestyles.

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